C-Diff Stories

Add Your C-Diff Story Here

Add Your C-Diff Story Here

Maybe include: how you felt before you found out you had C-diff, how was the experience with doctors, hospitals, nurses etc... when you found out you had C-diff...what was that like? Blood tests, stool sample tests...colonoscopies. Mis-diagnosis or not etc... What type of treatment options were presented to you by your doctors? What worked, what didn't. What made things worse/better? What were the symptoms like?
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Here are some links to some recent studies and research about Clostridium Difficile:

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  3. Complete Genome Sequence of the Hypervirulent Bacterium Clostridium difficile Strain G46, Ribotype 027

  4. Lack of Correlation between Bristol Stool Scale and Quantitative Bacterial Load in Clostridium difficile Infectio