My C diff Experience

I had my first infection November 2014 and thankfully it was pretty mild and easily treated with antibiotics. I felt healthy until May 2015 in which I noticed the gradual onset of the symptoms but didn’t think it would be back so soon. I was stupid and put off seeing my doctor until end of July when at that point I couldn’t get in for tests for another 6 weeks minimum. So, midway through my fall college semester I got so sick that I couldn’t eat, or even hold down water for that matter without vomiting. Thankfully my mom took me to the ER because I was extremely dehydrated, and it was there that we found out my C diff was back worse than ever. After 3 weeks of antibiotics I finally tested negative for the bacteria but it took a toll on my body that I would never have expected. I’m a 21 year old female and I consider myself to be in good health (minus this obviously) but it took me months to recover. I didn’t gain my full 3-4 meal a day appetite back for around three months so I was constantly feeling drained, no energy to hang out with friends or go to school. I ended up having to drop my classes and finish them in the spring of 2016. So I made a huge change to my diet and began taking probiotics which helped immensely. By this spring 2016 I was so excited because school was going well and I felt great! Until about a month ago when the diarrhea started up. I figured maybe because I was drinking a little more than usual which was why I was having loose stools but I began to wake up feeling hung over every morning even when I didn’t drink a sip of alcohol the night before!! Thankfully I made a doc appt because my tests came back positive for C diff again……the 3rd time in roughly two years 🙁

It just really sucks because C diff is not something that an outsider would see me as visibly sick and I wish I could explain to my friends why I don’t want to hang out sometimes. But really, who wants to tell their friends about their diarrhea problems, especially when boys don’t think girls are even capable of pooping….lol

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