Worst Smell EVER

For starters the only way I was able to get rid of and or prevent C-Diff was by means of Flagyl and antibiotics. I had C-Diff 3 times and as you all know it is very unpleasant, yet alone the smell good lord that smell. The first incident was when I came back from my first trip to the hospital in regards to UC. My primary Doctor who specialized as a GI immediately had me take a sample which was not the best experience in life. One thing I would like to add is that after gathering my own stool sample which again as anybody who has or have C-Diff knows this is not a fun experience. My wife is a nurse who is studying to become a nurse practitioner, after the stool sample experience I now realize her motivation as well as her reasoning for wanting to keep going to school and become a practitioner. I should also add that I congratulate all nurses for it is not an easy field what so ever.

I was first treated for C-Diff with Flagyl which ended up working, not the greatest after effects but what it did to help was terrific. The second time it happened was after a trip to the ER due to having server pains. Again had to experience the joy of a stool sample. Again I was treated with Flagyl but was also given some antibiotics. If its’ one thing I learned while having anything related to UC is that antibiotics help out tremendously. The third time I had C-Diff was again after a trip to the hospital, had to visit the ER once again due to severe pains. After that 3rd time of C-Diff I started to become nervous during any visits to the hospital. I ended up being diagnosed with a severe case of UC which caused me to lose my colon. The whole time visiting the hospital I was scared to death of getting C-Diff again. Wasn’t the surgery, I was actually looking forward to that due to the pain, it was C-Diff that freaked me out the most for every time I gotten it was while I was in the hospital.

Author: Joe B

I've had c-diff a few times, and gotten over it!

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